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Slumdog Millionaire: Music Tracks

Slumdog Millionaire is an excellent album that deserves all the applause and accolades it has been collecting internationally.
Basically, a theme album with most of the tracks being background pieces, it never makes you miss the need of any spoken words for most of its duration.
Even before its release in Indian theatres on 23 January, Slumdog Millionaire has become the biggest film about India, to be filmed in India—and its early international success has emboldened its local distributor to plan a bigger release in India. This is the first time ever that one is hearing a lot about this project of his because a) it has been set in India, b) all the actors in the film are Indians, c) the film is getting a mainstream release and d) there are awards and more awards that are coming the way of not just the film but also the music.

A score which was relatively unknown till a few months back, has certainly become big due to which one picks up the CD of Slumdog Millionaire with great expectations.

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Join the files with hjsplit.


Learning ActionScript


ActionScript is a scripting language based on ECMAScript. ActionScript is used primarily for the development of websites and software using the Adobe Flash Player platform (in the form of SWF files embedded into Web pages), but is also used in some database applications (such as Alpha Five), and in basic robotics, as with the Make Controller Kit. Originally developed by Macromedia, the language is now owned by Adobe (which acquired Macromedia in 2005). ActionScript was initially designed for controlling simple 2D vector animations made in Adobe Flash (formerly Macromedia Flash). Later versions added functionality allowing for the creation of Web-based games and rich Internet applications with streaming media (such as video and audio).

This book provides an overview of ActionScript syntax and information on how to use ActionScript when working with different types of objects. For details on the syntax and usage of every language element, see the ActionScript 2.0 Language Reference.

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Create PDF using PrimoPDF – a free tool for high-quality conversion to PDF, comprising a user-friendly interface that enables printing to PDF from virtually any Windows application. Additionally, PrimoPDF provides the ability to optimize PDF output for screen, print, ebook, and prepress, secure PDF files with 128-bit encryption, and add document information (e.g. title, author, subject, keywords) to converted PDF files. Full support for 64-bit machines, double byte character and non-TrueType font support, and improved PDF output also now available.

Version 4.1 adds new option to the Advanced dialog.

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SQL Hacks


Whether you’re running Access, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, or PostgreSQL, this book will help you push the limits of traditional SQL to squeeze data effectively from your database. The book offers 100 hacks — unique tips and tools — that bring you the knowledge of experts who apply what they know in the real world to help you take full advantage of the expressive power of SQL. You’ll find practical techniques to address complex data manipulation problems. Learn how to:

  • Wrangle data in the most efficient way possible
  • Aggregate and organize your data for meaningful and accurate reporting
  • Make the most of subqueries, joins, and unions
  • Stay on top of the performance of your queries and the server that runs them
  • Avoid common SQL security pitfalls, including the dreaded SQL injection attack

      Let SQL Hacks serve as your toolbox for digging up and manipulating data. If you love to tinker and optimize, SQL is the perfect technology and SQL Hacks is the must-have book for you.

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      Macromedia Flash MX

      Macromedia Flash MX 2004 and Macromedia Flash MX Professional 2004 provide everything you need to create and deliver rich web content and powerful applications. Whether you’re designing motion graphics or building data-driven applications, Flash has the tools necessary to produce great results and deliver the best user experience across multiple platforms and devices.

      The file contains two Flash eBooks.

      1. Learning Flash:
      The book includes several step-by-step lessons, designed to teach you the fundamentals of Flash. The Quick Start, Basic Flash, and Basic ActionScript lessons provide an opportunity to explore the Flash workspace. Very Helpful for beginners.
      2. Flash JavaScript:
      The ActionScript language lets you write scripts to perform actions in the Macromedia Flash Player environment (that is, while a SWF file is playing). The Flash JavaScript API (JSAPI) lets you write scripts to perform several actions in the Flash authoring environment (that is, while a user has the Flash program open). You can write scripts that act like commands and scripts that add tools to the Tools panel. These scripts can be used to help automate the authoring process.

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      Replacing Notepad or looking for a powerful text editor? UltraEdit is what you’re looking for. Versatile and easy to use, UltraEdit is the ideal text, hex, HTML, PHP, Java, Javascript, Perl, and programmer’s editor.

      With nearly 2,000,000 users worldwide, UltraEdit is the #1 selling, most powerful, value priced text editor available!

      UltraEdit is used across a diverse range of industries, from professional writers, researchers and journalists to advanced programmers, database managers and web developers. Scores of individuals use UltraEdit as a powerful replacement for windows notepad and even more use it as a text editor because of its ability to handle multiple documents at once, large file handling, powerful search/find/replace functionality, spell checking versatility and much more. UltraEdit can handle and edit files in excess of 4 gigabytes.

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      Have a Wonderful Day!

      SAP ABAP Programming


      The documentation is divided into five sections:
      Introduction to ABAP:
      This contains the basics of application programming in the R/3 System. This information
      is essential for an understanding of ABAP programming. Following an overview of the
      R/3 Basis system, it introduces the essential features of application programs and the
      ABAP programming language. Finally, it gives a short introduction to how you can
      create an application program in the ABAP Workbench.

      The ABAP Programming Language [Page 82]

      ABAP User Dialogs [Page 523]

      Running ABAP Programs [Page 937]

      ABAP Database Access [Page 1037]

      ABAP Objects [Page 1291]

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